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Current OV-Chipkaart System

Different cards

There are three different types of cards: a personal, an anonymous and a disposable card.

The personal card is a card that is connected to a certain person. Therefore it contains information about the owner. This ticket can be charged with money (at a charging point or from a bank account) or a ”reisproduct” (single trip, return or season ticket). Because this card is personal, people can make use of discounts (student discount, 65+ discount, season tickets, etc).

The anonymous card is similar to the personal card, with the difference that it doesn’t contain information about the owner. Therefore it can only be charged with money or a ”reisproduct” (only single trip or return) at a charging point. Because this card contains no personal information, people can share this card. However, it also means no discounts can be used.

The disposable card comes with a certain amount of money on it. With every trip using public transportation, money is deducted from it. It’s not possible to load money onto the card, so once it’s out of money it can no longer be used. This card will be mainly useful for tourists and people who only travel occasionally by public transportation.

To be written: different cards, backoffice, history, hacks, etc.